Search Engine Analyzer

No HTML/XHTML knowledge required! The Search Engine Analyzer Tool very closely mimics how a real search engine sees your Web page. With this comprehensive view, you can quickly discover what top ranking sites are doing that you are not, and keep up with ever changing search engine ranking trends. Apply these search engine approved SEO techniques and your Website may go viral!

HTML/XHTML Tags Analysis

The Search Engine Analyzer Tool includes a couple of different types of HTML/XHTML analysis. One is the analysis of the different HTML/XHTML Tags used. You do not need to know HTML to benefit from this SEO report because the Web Page Analyzer will tell you what HTML/XHTML elements are being used in high ranking Web pages. These are the HTML/XHTML Tags that we call the "hidden gems of SEO". You can boost your search engine rankings simply by including these "hidden gems" in your Web page design.