Keyword Density Analyzer

Keyword densities help search engines discover your web page's main focus. A document lacking focus will always have a poor keyword density distribution and will lose search engine ranking. 

Importance of Keyword Density

Keyword density is NOT the only ranking factor used by search engines, but all major do use keyword densities in their ranking algorithms. Just common sense alone will tell you that a document whose about "apples" will surely contain the word "apples". A poorly written document about "apples" or a document not necessarily about "apples" will clearly show a low keyword density score for this term.

However, a high keyword density does NOT mean a top ranking either. In fact, web pages with a keyword density that is too high will almost always trigger a "keyword stuffing" algorithm that can penalize a web page's ranking in search results. Finding the perfect keyword density mix (the "sweet spot") is what your goal should be for maximum search engine exposure. The ONLY way to achieve this level of SEO is by having a keyword density analyzer tool that can "accurately" parse the document and "accurately" calculate true keyword densities is a must have.

There is a delicate balance between a good keyword density mix showing focused content and that deemed as keyword spamming. Hence the power of an accurate keyword density analysis can not be overstated. Irresponsible keyword density analyzers that mis-count words and/or fail to consider all relevant parts of the indexable content, will completely undermine your best SEO efforts. Our Keyword Density Analyzer Tool accomplishes this delicate balance with the utmost precision and accuracy.