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MLM Software
MLM Software

MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing. Some times called Network Marketing.
MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

A way of organizing people for the objective of selling goods and services to members and to the public. When operated correctly the business structure is similar to most corporate sales organizations which have sales people earning commissions and sales managers receiving a commission or bonuses based on the collective team's sales. All large corporations tend to have multiple levels of sales management with incentives and bonuses paid for hitting sales targets.

MLM Software Features

Our MLM Software contains a comprehensive set of tools required to manage and organize MLM accounts. A web-based and user friendly MLM tools allow you to track your customers and recruits, as well as organize and report day to day sales, revenue and profit. It is the simple and user friendly interface which is one of key aspect of our software

  • Integrated with Mobile SMS system

Mobile SMS can be sent on any action for e.g. Joining/Sign up, Payout Calculation, Birthday SMS and Award/Reward qualification etc.

  • Facility of Exporting the reports into Microsoft Excel

The reports can be readily exported in excel format which ensure easy availability of data; this data can also serve as a backup for future reference.

  • Customizable MLM reports

Several detailed reports can be customized. For e.g. Member reports, Growth report, Genealogy report, Transaction report and much more.