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Static WebSite
What is a Static Website?

The website that's content can only be changed by the web developer is Static Website. A Static Website can be seen as an online brochure or catalogue. It is usually used to provide some company information, a description of the products or services that you offer and some contact information.

Why There is a  need of Static Website?

Static Website is the ideal web solution for your business is if the information you want to put online will not change for a long period.

Advantages of a Static Website

  • Can be created in lower cost as compared to Dynamic Website.
  • Can be developed in short time when small.

Disadvantages of a Static Website

  • Static Websites are liable to errors. It is very difficult to keep a static website error-free, because the larger the website becomes, the more difficult to maintain it error free on your website.
  • The information becomes outdated. 
  • Static Websites are expensive to maintain since information will start becoming outdated  you will want to start updating it. Each update will require you to go back to the developer and since there is always development involved in updating a Static Website, you will get charged each time.
  • The initial investment for a Static Website can be higher than a Dynamic Website. From a certain size and above, a Static Website can cost more than a Dynamic Website to develop, because the cost for a Static Website is usually calculated on a per page basis.

When You have a need of static website

If you want to give some information about your company and about your products or services Then You have a need of website But what type of website is better for you.
If you know that information will not change for a long time and you are willing to pay the developer each time you want an update on your website. Then you need a static website.