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Basic Concepts: File Systems vs. DMBS, Characteristics of the Data Base Approach, Abstraction and Data Integration, Database users, Advantages and Disadvantages of a DBMS.

Data Base Systems Concepts and Architecture:   Data Models, Schema and Instances, DBMS architecture and Data Independence, Data Base languages and Interfaces, DBMS functions and component modules.

Entity Relationship Model:  Entity Types, Entity Sets, Attributes & keys, Relationships, Relationships Types, Roles and Structural Constraints, Design issues, E-R Diagrams, Design of an E-R Database Schema, Reduction of an E-R schema to Tables.

Relational Data Model:  Relational model concepts, Integrity constraints over Relations, Relational Algebra – Basic Operations.



SQL: DDL, DML, and DCL, views& Queries in SQL, Specifying Constraints & Indexes in SQL.

Relational Data Base Management System: ORACLE, Basic structure, Date Base Structure & its manipulation in ORACLE, Storage Organization in ORACLE, Programming ORACLE Applications.

Conventional Data Models: An overview of Network and Hierarchical Data Models.



Relational Data Base Design:  Functional Dependencies, Decomposition, Normal forms based on primary keys (1 NF, 2 NF, 3 NF, & BCNF), Multi-valued Dependencies, 4 NF, Join dependencies, 5 NF, Domain key normal form.

Practical Data Base Design:   Role of Information systems in Organizations, Database design process, physical database design in Relational Database.



Transaction Processing Concepts:   Introduction to Transaction Processing, Transaction & System Concepts, Properties of Transaction, Schedules and Recoverability, Serializability of Schedules.

Concurrency Control Techniques:  Locking Techniques, Time stamp ordering, Multi-version Techniques, Optimistic Techniques, Granularity of Data items.

Recovery Techniques: Recovery concepts, Recovery Techniques in centralized DBMS.

Data Base Security: Introduction to Data base Security issues.

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    Note:- WINDOWS CD may be required during this process.
  • Install .NET framework 4.0
  • Install MySql Connector
  • Install WAMP here. Make sure WAMP port (make it 81) does not get conflicts with IIS port (80).
  • VERIFY IIS is running properly or not by opening http://localhost.
  • Install Nevino Software whose license would be sold.
  • Run http://localhost//default.aspx
  • Install Product Activation Setup with Administrator user only.
  • Generate User Key and get Activation Key from Nevino Systems Pvt. Ltd

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