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USB Security Software


USB Security Software


Security Software is a protection application for all types of portable media including USB flash drives, external drives and memory cards. 


These are some of the outstanding features that USB Security software offers:

  • With USB Security Software, you will never have to worry again about lost or stolen USB/External drives.
  • USB  Security  is fast, reliable, and PC independent, making it the most flexible and robust portable data protection software in the market.
  • Protecting your sensitive data with USB Secure is a one-click process, requiring no lengthy installations. Access to your protected data on a portable drive is convenient too. You can choose to open and browse your data sets or simply explore as read-only.
  • USB  Security is the perfect choice to prevent any unauthorized use of your USB drive. As it is common to transport the date from one computer to another and USBs have become very popular to transport the data because of their small size, portability, and convenience. But all this also makes data-breach a reality. USB Security software safeguards the data against these threats by preventing any unauthorized usage of your devices. 
Activation Process:

  • Firstly Contact Nevino Team to download the software.
  •  Now Install the software on your Computer.
  • Now the software will ask for you a KEY to run successfully.
  • To find the key firstly pay your payments and then fill the registration form.
  • To fill the registration for CLICK HERE to open the registration form.
  • Now you will get the key at your mail id that you have mentioned in the registration form. 

To Download any Software free for demo, Please follow the following steps:

  • Login your computer with administrator user only.
  • Install IIS on computer from
    Control Panel -> Add/Remove programs -> Add / Remove Windows Components [for only < Windows Vista versions]
    Control Panel -> Programs -> Turn Windows Features on or off [ only for >= Windows Vista versions]
    Note:- WINDOWS CD may be required during this process.
  • Install .NET framework 4.0
  • Install MySql Connector
  • Install WAMP here. Make sure WAMP port (make it 81) does not get conflicts with IIS port (80).
  • VERIFY IIS is running properly or not by opening http://localhost.
  • Install Nevino Software whose license would be sold.
  • Run http://localhost//default.aspx
  • Install Product Activation Setup with Administrator user only.
  • Generate User Key and get Activation Key from Nevino Systems Pvt. Ltd